Modern Talking

My Lonely Girl

Album : (2000) Year Of The Dragon

Oh love is no colour, love is emotion
It's like heaven here to me
And love is the answer to all of your questions
Love is like eternity
I'll love you forever
And I miss your lonely heart
Can we stay together, oh baby, don't you tear apart 

My lonely girl
Oh lonely hearts and lonely memories
You are my lonely girl
You are destiny
My lonely girl, come hear my heart
I'll be only there for you
My lonely girl, we'll try a start
You are heaven, swear it's true

Love is the reason that I'm living
Sometimes lonely, sometimes pain
Love is a stranger to all of your questions
Love will never be the same
Love is like an ocean
You can run, but you can't hide
The greatest devotion, baby, can't you see the light 

You're like an orchestra of angels
And I never - I never let you go