Modern Talking

Fight For The Right Love

Album : (2000) Year Of The Dragon

Love makes you blind, my baby, too blind to see
He's playing tricks with you and me
He's telling lies, oh don't believe this guy, oh no
Your heart is broken, he says goodbye
I swear you I love you it's hard to ignore
This guy playing tricks with you, baby
Oh I will love you more and more
Baby come in my arms 

Oh baby, fight for the right love
Baby, fight for your heart
Nothing in the world oh will break us apart
Baby, fight for the right love
Baby, fight for your life
Nothing changes, only the strong survive
Baby, fight for your love
Fight for your love

If walls could speak, they will tell you
He will forget you, he'll make you blue
My tears don't lie, baby if you're mine, oh no
I'm painting all your clouds with sunshine
I swear you, I love you, I never let you go
I'll never play the tricks with you, baby
And every day it's more than you know
Baby come in my arms 

Fight for your right love
Fight for the right heart
I know it baby, what you're dreaming of
Oh fight for your love, fight for your heart
Baby, don't break apart