"Herzliche Wuensche fuer eure Hochzeit!"

Постоянные посетители моего сайта знают, что летом 2000-ого года мне посчастивилось стать одной из десяти победителей в конкурсе, который проводился в связи со свадьбой Томаса Андерса и Клаудии Хесс. Приз - фотография со свадьбы, собственноручно подписанная молодоженами. После опубликования на сайте моего "трофея", я получила достаточно писем с просьбой показать посетителям то, за что мне удалось его выиграть. Вот то самое письмо, которое было послано на конкурс:

I'm very happy about your wedding! It's an extremely important day in your life, so I'd love to wish you a lot of happiness through all your life! I hope that this marriage will be as firm as a diamond and may your mutual life be as clear and as bright as it.

May your being be full of understanding and that special spiritual connection, which only beloved have. Love is a precious gem that will keep you safe and strong, it's a delicate rose cherished by your feelings and affection. But like any rose love has prickles, so I wish you not to be scratched by those prickles in your love and find a Dove way to avoid them! May your love grow bigger and stronger every day of your matrimony. And may you discover new joy in every Dove day, every hour, every minute of being together. I wish you to have twins, that would be great to have two children. I'm sure they will be the happiest kids in the world, because they'll be raised by such wonderful people as you are.

Claudia, I'm a very big fan of yours, and while browsing collection of your photos I've noticed very bright shimmer in your eyes, when you're together with Bernd. So I wish you never to lose that shine in your blue eyes, because it means that you're happy and I wish you to be healthy and happy always!

Bernd, I hope that Claudia is your only love of your life and you both will make anything possible to make each other joyful.

Also I wish you very strong health, blue sky, warm weather, bright sun, clean air and many other things that can't be expressed by words. You know what I mean...

This love and this union must last forever. Like in some fairytales it was told: "they lived long and merrily together and died in one day", so I wish you the same. And I wish you to be the most blissful couple in all the history of the world!

So, it's the end of the letter, I hope you liked it, because all the wishes have come from my heart and they all are very sincere!


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